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March 31, 2006


Mark Jacobs

Marry somebody who isn't so connected and everything bad about the connectedness will quickly surface. That's one way to deal with it. One big problem, I think, is that we're using the word "connected" which sounds like a pretty good thing. But I think many of the people that are most connected via their gadgets are actually less connected to the real world.


So I ended up reading this and deciding I didn't have time to reply. Hours later I replied to Robi directly ... after a little 'ribbing' I decided to just copy and paste my comments here ...

My thought was this
- I get anxious when I'm disconnected. I actually crave connectivity.
Connectivity is robbing us of our life experiences. For example - by writing this in email form
I don't have to deal with eye contact, there's no pressure to
communicate succinctly (I can take 2 days to write this if I want), all
of the non-verbal communication is stripped by this process. There is
something to be said for real interaction with people ... email, phones,
etc all eliminate that. The topic of cowering behind email is becoming
increasingly mainstream (someone sends you a nasty email and you stop by
to discuss the issue and they dodge the topic and pretend that all is well. You return to your desk only to
find a second nasty email about your audacity to confront them and interrupt). Even with
friends/family ... my friendship with Robi (the blog master??) has more longevity than most
friendships - and we've gotten back into daily email conversation over the last few months now. That
said, if I were to see him in person and discuss the same things it will feel weird. Robi physically being there will change the whole
dynamic and likely even the conclusions of the conversation. I've noticed that you meet people via email/etc at work or
whatever and you get along great, then you meet them and the whole
relationship changes. It's weird.

My two cents ... random as it may be


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