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March 21, 2006



Tom and Terry are good friends. I am all but certain from friends who work at Yahoo that Tom was not paid for this appearance.

First time caller

It was a very long wait before the appearance. Here are some questions that occured to me in the meantime, ranging from the mean-spirited to the merely petty. Couldn't figure out a way to work in Chef and South Park.

Tom, this is your mother, did you remember to take your medication?

You have an outstanding fashion sense, which do you prefer, Gap Kids or OshKosh B'Gosh?

Chuck Norris, great actor or greatest actor ever?

I really loved seeing the new footage from your upcoming movie MI3 but jeez, what the hell do you have against cars?

Which of these anagram-based titles do you feel best defines you?

Tom Cruise, Costumier

Tom Cruise, So I'm Cuter

Tom Cruise, I.e. Scrotum

Given the uncertain and tumultuous state of the world, could you comment on what you feel to be an appropriate balance between the responsibilities of the actor qua entertainer and the important yet inchoate responsibilities a celebrity has in making significant contributions to the social and cultural dialog ............. just kidding, How do you keep your teeth so white?

If woo were a twee, what kind of twee would woo be?

Hello Mr. Cruise, please look at this locket. Yes, yes, it's very shiny. Keep your eye on it as it swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Focus all of your attention on it and relax. Very good. You are getting sleepy, verrrrry sleeeeeepy, you are now in a state of total relaxation. Can you hear me? Good. I will ask you are series of simple questions and then you will wake up feeling completely refreshed. First question, what is Nicole Kidman's home phone number?

In addition to being an actor, director, pilot and race car driver, you are of course a recognized expert on medical issues ranging from pediatric medicine to postpartum depression. My question is, can you discuss both the implications and design of the recent JAMA published study on Paclitaxel-eluting stents versus vascular brachytherapy for in-stent restenosis within bare-metal stents? You have 20 minutes.

Who do you look up to in Hollywood? No that's not what I meant, I would never try to belittle ... sorry, poor choice of words. I mean, given your stature, oh no I did it again, oh nevermind.

Guys, being guys, are always wondering if the curtains match the drapes. I think the ladies might want to know how the size of camshaft relates to that of the chassis?


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