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May 18, 2006


Mark Jacobs

This is interesting, but it still leaves me wondering:

Is there something about these individuals, at a biological level, that enables them to be better at practicing? Have they inherited a genetic mixture that makes it easier for them to focus on goals, technique vs. outcome, etc.?

I’m sure the 900 page document will answer that question. So please read it and let me know what it says.

Another question I have is in regard to the article’s suggestion that “students should be taught to follow their interests earlier in their schooling.” Before agreeing with such a bold conclusion, I’d want to better understand what effects a student’s experiences with “non-interests” have on their ability to fulfill their potential within their “interests.”

More broadly, is it better to be one of the best soccer players or a great soccer player/pianist/software programmer? I don’t think we can definitely say that one is better than the other and redesign our education system accordingly.

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