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May 11, 2006



Great post! I was talking to a man who recently moved to San Francisco from Europe in a cafe the other day. The topic of local hangouts came up - he went to that cafe because he knew his friends had a high likelihood of showing up there as well. That's how they did it in Europe at least. I think malls were very similar when we were in high school. As in, lots of kids from our high school and other ones will probably end up at this mall after school. So how could we incorporate the idea of serendiptious encounters to your mallrats theory?

Ben Hoyt

Excellent post. I really can't disagree with your point at all. I think that the type of online shopping/socializing experience that you describe that could replicate that experienced by kids in the mall is an extremely challenging proposition, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible. It will be interesting to see what sorts of solutions the big companies come up with...


i think you may be confusing the term mallrat and consumer. usually mallrats go to the mall without an agenda. they only go there to hang out and pass time. consumers are the shoppers who go there with intent to buy. so if your trying to find a new generation of mallrat, there is no need. just go to oakridge mall in san jose and you'll be knee deep in 13-16 year old mallrats. additionally, since that mall was upgraded, the mallrat population of teenagers has increased like 10 fold to what it used to be. this is only one example of course, but i dont notice your observations here.

Rainier Wolfcastle

Wow that place looks totally empty!

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