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May 28, 2007


Valeria Maltoni

Bob Sutton did a series of posts on the high performing team concept a few months back. His blog is here

I've seen many a team defect as a group to another company that 'got them' and what they brought to the table. It makes sense that an organization would want to buy a high performing team. Companies buy product lines and try to buy distribution relationships all the time. Now that the talent conversation is simmering again, buying teams is not such a stretch.


Thanks Valeria - I don't think I found the exact series you were talking about but found myself getting sucked into some very interesting material on Bob's blog. Highly recommended to the rest of the folks out there.

The talent conversation is definitely a piece of the picture here. Talent's at a premium, particularly in the tech/internet/media space. So, buying talent is certainly going to happen - either through whole team purchases or by picking off people in 1's and 2's from competitors. I think that's not really debateable.

What I think companies need to be thinking about and potentially concerned by is when innovation isn't coming from the inside. It's difficult for us to observe this from outside of companies, but as someone managing a business, I would be asking myself, "Are we betting on purchases to innovate?".

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