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July 27, 2007



Everything comes down to your ability to define well your goal in life. If your goal is to succeed at variety of different things then the time you put into this plan is the time you are making for yourself, the time you are perfecting yourself. However, during your race for perfection, your vision of the finish line can change, and can change significantly due to new personal experiences and external influences. The realization that the new finish line might be another thousand miles away or worse, is long passed without a return route, is what shrugs even the most determined individuals. That is why timely re-evaluation of your goals, once you took off on a race, is a must to ensure you don’t loose track of your finish line and, thus, yourself.

Don’t know how good I’ve become at the “re-evaluation periods,” occasional meditation helps me to steer clear. Usually critical events in one’s life are the main drivers for re-evaluation of his or her goals and can force extreme actions towards new goals; unfortunately, some of them can be too late.

Your entry reminded of my two livejournal posts from three years ago; they are reflections on my (rather intense) meditation experiences at that time:

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