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February 15, 2008


Ben Hoyt

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'll certainly get in line supporting Hillary if she wins the nomination, and I'll do so pretty enthusiastically. She is a very impressive woman. Unfortunately, I think that there are quite a few Dems, however, ho are "rubbed the wrong way" by her and who may not be so eager to support her.

One thing that she needs to be very careful of, as well, is the possibility of her winning the nomination on the back of Super Delegates. If that happens, it could undermine much of her support from previous Obama supporters...


I think the reason some Obama supporters have an "Obama or nothing" attitude is actually pretty simple: they've been so inspired by him that Hillary and everybody else seem like they'd be such a let down. That's what happens when people get really excited about something, particularly as significant as a presidential election.

Personally, I think what's most interesting is the fact that Obama and his campaign aren't trying to fan this kind of cult following. Obama is himself, in my opinion, an example of open-mindedness. The irony of course being that people become so pro-open-mindedness that they become closed minded. I think that's what we're seeing, to some extent. And I think ultimately that will go away. Because Obama does not represent that kind of thinking and if folks really want to "follow their leader" then they'll have to lose their negativity and fear. That's what the Obama fans who truly get it are doing. I think for the most part he's a role model that's helping people better their attitude toward politics and the cult factor is relatively small, though it makes for a great read and reminder of human tendencies.

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