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March 09, 2008



Congrats buddy - this is no small feat! For the record, yes, you were a small kid ... but I honestly believe that everyone knew there was fire inside you to ascend. Phsically, mentally - all of it. You continue to prove us right - congrats bro.

Mark Jacobs

great story. thanks for sharing it. funny, we both were small and took to proving ourselves growing up through sport. it's interesting to think about how relationships with our fathers factor into that whole equation...this inner desire to identify as a "man", and define that in some way. just a random thought.

Thanks Jim. I don't know if everyone knew it, but I've known you always had my back, thanks buddy :).

Mark - deep commentary. Will have to follow up with you offline, but I do find it fascinating that we both used sport to prove ourselves. I think there's a lot there in your note about relationships with our fathers, I'd like to explore that more.

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