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August 01, 2008



11. The six months of the combined search and display ad sales team matches up with Yahoo! significantly lagging the market in ad revenue growth -- was the combination a mistake?

12. Their appears to be an extreme disconnect between the revenue potential of the Newspaper Consortium and resources prioritized against them -- how should we reconcile this?

13. In February, CNet wrote an article recommending 13 people Microsoft should retain during the acquisition effort -- 8 of them have already left Yahoo! -- how do you retain people that aren't moved by the money?

14. With the stock at a low point, how does this change priorities in EBITDA and investment? If you're already in the basement, is there flexibility?

15. The menu at URLs hasn't changed in a year -- is this killing morale?


What answers did you get? CNBC just covered it and they said, "nobody from the 200+ shareholders who showed up took the microphone to ask tough questions"


Dave - that's not totally true. URL's did get rid of the salsa verde at the Mexican bar. And I want it back dammit!


Dave: Wow, great additions to the questions. Thanks man, really appreciate it. I just wish they'd actually taken the time to have real discussions with the shareholders at this meeting to voice some of those concerns

Peter: Unfortunately, I didn't get to ask any of these questions. They didn't take many at all and I made the mistake of waiting before getting into the mic lines. Shame on me.


Damn, that sucks dude. Would have liked to hear how they responded to even one of them. You should consider submitting the list to one of the Silicon Valley tech publications as an open letter or something like that....

Anyway, at a minimum, guess you learned a lesson about how/when to ask questions at the next stockholder meeting you attend. ;-)

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