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August 28, 2008


Mark Jacobs

Damn it Robi. You've got another McCain ad on your blog. Isn't this what McCain wants? His goal with this VP buzz is certainly to detract from all the attention this wonderful DNC is getting, especially after Obama's speech. Let's not give him reason to show off that smirk. Maybe this comment can change AdSense's mind??...
Vote for Obama!
Obama speech is great!
Democrats will win!
Go Obama/Biden!
Yes we can!
Clintons love Obama!
End the war!
Tax break for middle class!

Mark Jacobs

Holy shit, it worked!!!!!! An ad from just showed up for a free Obama/Biden sticker! I tipped the scale! Yay! Google works!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Hoyt

I'm not sure that I think Romney is such a great choice for mobilizing the far right base on account of his religion. If he was so popular in that respect why did Huckabee do so well in the primaries?

Also, while I think a Lieberman selection is VERY unlikely, I wouldn't completely rule it out. It would certainly be historic (it's been a LONG time since there was a 2-party least that I can think of). And I think it would give Obama fits with regards to the Jewish voters who backed Hillary and might now be struggling to get behind Obama. That could definitely make a big difference in Florida...


"It's a Girl!"

What woman stands for anti-abortion?!! Is that how she's planning to get other women's support?


Time out - didn't I have an RSS feed pop up from you earlier talking about tonight's VP debate?

Where'd it go?

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